Muncie Panoramic Map 1884

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Panoramic maps -- those that try to visualize a place from the air -- have been around for centuries, but this genre re-emerged with the advent of hot air balloons. This panoramic (or "bird's-eye view") of Muncie, Indiana was created and printed by O.H. Bailey & Co. in 1884. A print of the original was scanned by the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center of the Boston Public Library and released to the public domain. We digitally restore the map to repair obvious damage while preserving its patina.

Part of our Heritage series, a collection of digitally restored historic maps from the public domain. A portion this line's proceeds benefit the Delaware County Historic Society.

Digitally printed using specialized high-resolution technology on a luscious linen matte paper using archival pigment inks.

Proudly produced in Muncie, Indiana.